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42 Wellington St, Port Burwell, ON N0J 1T0, Canada

If you are searching for North America's most authentic sounding CCR tribute, look no further than Canada's own GREEN RIVER REVIVAL.

The members of this band have played in CCR tributes across Canada, Scandinavia and the U.S. for the past 2 decades and now they have joined together to bring you the ultimate CREEDENCE REVIVAL.


Most people don't realize just how many songs they actually know in the show that features hit after hit after hit. All of these greatest hits will come back to you during their amazing live concert.  For an exciting show full of nostalgia, sing-a-longs and a down right good old time, you've got it all with the GREEN RIVER REVIVAL!!

Only The Hip do it better!

​Canada's number ​one and busiest Tragically Hip Tributes!  The band members are not only professional musicians and performers, they are super fans who have seen over 75 Tragically Hip concerts!  As true and dedicated fans, they can be note-perfect on all the songs, while adding the jams and electric performance elements audiences are looking for.  This is truly what is made the Practically Hip the busiest, most sought after and number one Tragically Hip tribute band in Canada!!

PHIL NARO is a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award winning performer for singing the theme song for the cartoon "6teen" as well as in internationally acclaimed composer, singer, songwriter/producer and guitarist.  Phil has an amazingly powerful voice and a tremendous four octave range which allows him to sing Queen, Journey, Yes and other artists that are out of ranch for most singers.

JOHN ROGERS is best known for his association with Canadian rockers "Brighten Rock".  BR was dubbed in 1988 as Q107's Musics Rising Star of the Year and in 1992 for Hard Rock Album of the Year.

In 1994 Phil and John teamed up and formed " The Phil and John Show" one of the most sought after, talented and accomplished acoustic duos.  Their combined voices and guitar playing have bonded over their shared love of music for over 20 years.  This show is not to be missed!

A seasoned road warrior whose full-time touring schedule dates back to her days in Canadian rock band The Joys, Sarah continues to feel most at home on-stage. She plays nearly 300 shows per year, primarily in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Along the way, she has shared the stage with artists including Melissa Etheridge, Sass Jordan, Emm Gryner, Craig Cardiff, Joel Plaskett, David Wilcox, and many others.

Sarah does many shows each year as a solo performer or as a duo with the incredible bass stylings of Ken "the Zen" Ross  For the show at the Playhouse Sarah will be bringing the entire band doing her own amazing songs or great covers of everyone's favourites.  Come and see Sarah and her band. 

With over 3000 shows to date, The Mudmen Robby Campbell, Sandy Campbell, Jeremy Burton, Mike Meacher and Dan Westenenk believe that nice guys can finish first. While enjoying life & what you do translates to all audiences. Always entertaining and definitely unique, The Mudmen are a blast of Celtic energy whose members are known to be characters both on and off the stage.


Put on your Red Plaid Shirt and your dancing boots and come and see why The Mudmen are selling out across Ontario.